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Are you looking for a job with one of the most reliable and reputable companies in Saudi Arabia? Look no further than Saudi Aramco! With a wide range of positions available, Saudi Aramco Careers in 2023 are the perfect opportunity for anyone looking for a secure and sustainable job. In this blog, we’ll provide you with a detailed overview of the company, how to apply for a position, and a list of open positions. So, if you’re ready to take the next step in your career, read on!

 Company Name Saudi Aramco Company
 Job Location Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia KSA
 Nationality Selective nationalities
 Education Degree/Diploma or (Equivalent)
 Experience Absolutely mandatory
 Salary Competitive Salary Offered
 Benefits As per KSA labor law
 Last Updated on 24th March 2023

Saudi Aramco Careers: Exciting Openings

About Saudi Aramco Company (With Detailed Information)


Saudi Aramco is the state-owned oil and gas company of Saudi Arabia, headquartered in Dhahran. It is the world’s largest energy company by both revenue and market capitalization, and it is also the most profitable company in the world. The company was founded in 1933, when a concession agreement was signed between Saudi Arabia and Standard Oil Company of California (now Chevron Corporation). Since then, it has become a leader in energy production, exploration, refining and distribution.

Aramco’s operations span across 70 countries worldwide, with its core focus on upstream activities such as exploration and production. It holds an estimated 261 billion barrels of proven crude oil reserves – more than any other company or country – and produces around 12 million barrels of crude oil per day. In addition to producing oil and gas, Aramco is also involved in petrochemical production and refining as well as power generation.

The company has set ambitious goals for itself, aiming to double its upstream output by 2025. It plans to invest $300 billion over the next decade to expand its existing assets while also building new ones from scratch. In addition to this hefty investment plan, Aramco has pledged to reduce emissions from all its operations by 1 gigatonne by 2030 – a goal that will require significant technological innovation as well as improved efficiency at all levels of operation.

As one of the largest employers in Saudi Arabia, Aramco provides jobs across a wide range of disciplines including engineering, geosciences, ICT/digital technology as well as finance & accounting among others. Its employees enjoy competitive salaries along with generous benefits packages that include medical insurance coverage for staff members’ families too. The company places great emphasis on career development through various training programs that are designed to equip employees with the skills required for success within their respective departments or roles.

To sum up then, Saudi Aramco is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading energy companies due its vast reserves of oil & gas resources coupled with outstanding management capabilities that have enabled it to consistently deliver strong financial performance over many years now – making it an attractive option for government job seekers looking for stability & growth opportunities in 2023!

How To Apply For Saudi Aramco Careers?


Applying for Saudi Aramco Careers in 2023 is a straightforward and simple task. There are several ways to apply, depending on the position you’re applying for.

The most common way to apply is by submitting an online application. You will need to create an account on the Saudi Aramco website and submit your resume and other relevant documents, such as educational certificates or references. After submitting your application, you may be asked to take part in assessments or interviews before receiving a final offer of employment.

Alternatively, applicants can also opt for physical recruitment drives held by the company at various locations across the Kingdom. During these drives, potential candidates can submit their resumes and applications in person and speak with recruiters about available positions and their suitability for them.

For those interested in international positions at Saudi Aramco, there may be opportunities to attend regional job fairs where representatives from the company meet potential employees from around the world.

Additionally, graduates who wish to pursue a career at Saudi Aramco can join its internship programs which provide them with valuable insight into the industry as well as hands-on experience working alongside experienced professionals in their field of interest. This offers a great opportunity for graduates to build up their skill set and gain exposure to new ideas that could help them succeed when they start full-time jobs at the company later on down the line.


Check Out Our Newly Updated List of Open Positions:


The list of open positions for Saudi Aramco Careers in 2023 is quite extensive. The company offers a wide range of roles, from entry-level to senior management positions. Here are some of the job titles you can apply for:

List of Open Positions

Data Management Specialist KSA View & Apply
Senior Contract Analyst KSA View & Apply
Senior Contract Specialist KSA View & Apply
Senior Procurement Analyst KSA View & Apply
Environmental Specialist KSA View & Apply
Procurement Head KSA View & Apply
Process Engineer KSA View & Apply
T&I Block Specialist KSA View & Apply
Senior Turnaround Buyer KSA View & Apply
Senior Internal Auditor KSA View & Apply

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